How to activate the Whatsapp Voice Calling feature in Smart Phones

Whatsapp is a free instant messenger app. Recently Whatsapp getting very popular among mobile app user for his very user friendly interface and its instant messaging , photo and video sharing feature. In this extremely success period whatsapp launched it’s free Voice Calling Feature for his user. Firstly, it was launched Voice Calling Feature in BETA version for user reaction on this feature and it was only available for a limited user who got voice calling invitation directly from whatsapp.

After getting good reaction on this feature now whatsapp released this feature for every android user. But this Voice Calling feature will not activate automatically.To activate this feature on your android phone you have to follow these below steps.


Here is Step by Step guide to activate the Whatsapp Voice Calling Feature :

Step 1:
First of all you have latest version of the android in your phone or minimum Android OS 2.1 or above required for using whatsapp. Then download the latest version of Whatsapp on your Android phone from here. The latest version of Whatsapp now is 2.12.14. If you have previously used the Whatsapp then just update it to new latest version 2.12.14 or if you are downloading whatsapp from Google Play Store then ensure that the version should be 2.11.561. Older version of whatsapp does not support Voice calling feature for all users.

Step 2:
Once you have installed the latest version of whatsapp in your Android phone. Ask someone (who have previously activated whatsapp calling feature in their phone) to make a whatsapp call or giving a missed call to your number for activating this feature in your phone.

Step 3:
Many users have complained that just giving a missed call does not work for activating this calling feature. In this case, ask someone to make a successful whatsapp call to your number and receive that call properly as you receive normal phone calls OR you will have to receive the whatsapp call from whatsapp caller and wait for a few seconds before disconnect this call for activating this Voice Calling feature in your Phone.

NOTE: When this Voice Calling feature will activate on your Android phone. Then you will see three tabs layout on your whatsapp which indicates these new features. First one is for CALL, Second one is for CHAT and the third one is for CONTACTS.

Now enjoy the free whatsapp Voice Calling with your whatsapp contacts . . .


Have you used this whatsapp voice calling feature? Does this voice calling feature works properly for you? Let us know about your experience with this calling feature via the comments below . . . . .


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