How to Burn the bootable an ISO Image Windows 7 Software CD

Windows7 has lot of new Enhancements and feature when it compare with Windows Vista. One such a great feature in windows 7 that supported for burning ISO Image without using any software. Windows has a grate in build feature that directly burn disk image.

Here is the steps How to Burn ISO Image :

For example I am burning ISO Image to CD here. Follow these steps,

Step 1. Just Right click on the file and select for burn disk.

Burn ISO Image

Step 2. It will open a new dialog box, then choose the DVD or CD (as you wish to burn where). Then click on Burn.

         Burn ISO Image1       Burn ISO Image2

Step 3. I recommend to check the Verify disk after burning. Then Click on Burn and wait while the disk is burning.

Burn ISO Image2

Enjoy this Process…..

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