How to Recover Deleted Contact Numbers from Smart Phone

In this busy and technology updated life we are very used to this tech life and mobile phones are very important and compulsory things in our daily life. Today’s life Nobody can leave without their cell phones. In this cell phone compulsory world, if a mobile user lost his all contacts from his android phone. Can you friends imagine the pain of these people who lost all contacts from their Android phone and It is not easy to recover deleted contact numbers. But the constant updating of technology has made ​​things easier. The biggest example is to recovery of deleted contact numbers from Smart phones. Indeed, the users who are using Android phones, they can recover deleted contact numbers from their phones. Not just the contact numbers even all the deleted Photos, messages, whatsapp all messages can be recovered.

recover deleted contact numbers


Here is the Step by Step Guide to Recover deleted contact numbers, SMS, Photos, whatsapp all messages:

First of all to recover all these things, you have to connect the Android Phone to a Computer and before do this you have to install “Dr. Fone file recovery software in your computer. After install this software follow the below instructions.

recover deleted contact numbers1

Step 1:
When you open this software, it will ask to connect the smart phone to computer. And both of these can connect via USB Cable. The name of the process is ‘Connect Device to PC’ then ‘Identify your Device’ and ‘Device Ready to Scan’.

recover deleted contact numbers2

Step 2:
When you connect the phone to the computer, the software will start to ‘Identify your Device’. It is a little long process, which started from 1% to 100%. During this process the Android Logo will go down slowly as the percentage goes up.

recover deleted contact numbers3

Step 3:
After complete the ‘Identify your Device’ process, a window will appear with Contacts, Massaging, Call History, Whatsapp Massages & Attachments, Gallery, Audio and Videos. Now selects those options which you want to recover, “Select All” if you want to recover all the deleted files. After select click on ‘Next’ button. Now the software will scan all the deleted files. During this process the phone will restart itself don’t worry, it is an automatic process and some notification windows will appear just “OK” all these notifications.

recover deleted contact numbers4

Step 4:
After complete the above process, it will appear 3 windows with Android 2.3 or earlier’, ‘Android 3.0 to 4.1’ and ‘Android 4.2 or newer’. Now select the window option which android version your phone support. After selecting the ‘OS Version’ the recovery process will start. It is also a little long process, but it will display the remains taking time. After completing this process a window will appear with all deleted contacts and files. Now just select them and click on ‘Recovery’ button, It will now recover all the data you lost before.


Hope you are happy with this process….

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