How to Recover & Reset the Password of Windows7, Window XP and Window Vista

Some time Many Computer Users are forget their Computer Login Password and at that time they very scared and can’t understand what to do now. At this situation there is two ways, One is just format your computer and reset your password. But if you want to format your computer then you have to take backup your important files but if your any application or file is stored in “C” drive then you could not recover it.

Second way is Reset your windows password with some Software. But in this case you will need different different software for different different Operating System like windows7, Windows XP and Windows Vista etc.

But Here is good news for all of you that you can Reset your windows7, windows XP or Windows Vista with this one Software.

At this time, I suggest to apply the second technique to Reset your Password. Before apply this technique you have to download this “Boot CD Software”link( ). After Download this software just Burn it as an ISO Image to CD or DVD.

If you don’t know, How to burn ISO Image then see here(LINK).

After complete all these steps now you are able to reset your Windows Password. Just follows these steps,

  • Once you burn this disk put it into your CD Ram and Restart your Computer then Boot your Computer. When you boot your Computer it’s going to ask you to press any key to Boot from CD or DVD.
  • Press “ENTER Key” now the Hirren’s Boot CD menu will come up.
  • Here Select “Mini Windows XP” and press “ENTER”
  • Now you will run Mini windows Xp from your CD drive( Note: Here you not installing anything to your computer.)
  • Now from here double click on the “HBCD Menu” icon.
  • Now it’s open a window Box then click on “Programs”, then select “Password / Keys”
  • Now select Windows Login, then select “NTPW Edit [Reset Xp/Vista/7 User Password]”
  • Now it will open a new Window Box, but it’s show blank because when you boot your computer it’s may change your Local drive Location. (But don’t worry when you restart your computer then your local drive will be show in your previous location.)
  • Now just change your Local Drive latter in “Path to SAM File box”. Find it on my computer and just put that drive latter and click on the “(Re)open”. After that it will show the all user of this computer
  • Now select the user that you forgot password and click “Change password
  • Now here you can leave blank or type a new password for your computer and click “OK” then click on “Save Changes” then Exit.
  • Now Restart your Computer and remove the disk and when the Computer restart you should be able to login with your new password.


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