How to use Google Map without Internet

In our world we are so much dependent in technology, internet, mobile, computers like these tech devices. So that, generally we don’t remember any kind of new addresses, road routes and also we don’t afraid to go a new place without a physical location guide because we have a “Live Location Guide – Google Map” in our smart phones, tabs with just an internet connection.

But can you imagine what happen if you are in a new place and your internet does not work? What you will do?

In these tough times “Google Map” will help you again with, it’s a new offline feature. Right now this feature only available for Android & iOs Devices. Google Map Version 3 was released last week on iOs with offline map supported feature. If you have an Android or iOs phones then you can use this feature without internet. Be sure Android users to update your Google Map to current Version or Google Maps version 8 before access the Google Map Offline Feature.

How to save Google Map offline?

Google Map

Google Map


Here is Step by Step guide to save Google Maps offline.

  1. First of all you have to sign in with your google account to access this offline feature.
  2. When you are logged in, then type ‘OK Maps’ in the search box and hit the search button. A popup dialog box will appear at the top of the maps with asking ‘Save this map’ with a Save Button on your screen (with this button you can save this map for offline use).
  3. At this point you can zoom in or zoom out on this map and move the map to select the area which you want to save. You can zoom out on the map to select a big area and the entire area will be downloaded which seen on screen. After download the map you can zoom in on the map to see the individual areas, streets .
  4. After you have selected the area which you want to access it offline, just hit the “Save” button which seen in the below on this map. A pop up dialog box will appear with asking to give a name to the downloaded map, give a name to your map then click on the “Save” button the map will be downloaded.
  5. After downloading the maps, you can access it any time you want. To access the offline maps, Tap on the “Person” icon, which located in next to the direction icon. It will take you to your profile, then scroll down to the bottom and select your saved location and enjoy it.

Here is certain limitation with this offline feature is when you zoom out so far to download a larger area then, there is an error saying with the map can’t be saved because the area is too large. We are able to save the entire Delhi area, but when we tried to save the entire NCR (National Capital Region)then the error is saying with this area is too large to save. But nothing can stop you to save multiple maps to save a larger area.

Another limitation is the offline maps will saved for 30days only. But you can save it again after 30days.

Have you ever saved Google Maps and used them offline? Ever been knocked offline, lost and wished you had access to offline maps? Tell us about it in the comments section below ….

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